Joe from Chicago, IL

CHICAGO, IL – Joe’s family owns and operates a shoe business in the Chicago area.  Recently however, business slowed down so Joe set about to find a new business.  He stumbled upon real estate and immediately began to immerse himself in it.  He searched online, read books, attended seminars and logged onto as many webinars as he could. Before long, quite a bit of time had elapsed and Joe found himself in deeper financial bind. The shoe business was bumping along and all the efforts he had been putting forth in real estate were not making him any money.

As Joe discovered, there was no shortage of real estate investing advice, resources, books, blogs, and seminars.  Joe implemented the ideas and strategies that he had been soaking up but was still coming up empty handed.  He couldn’t quite bring it all together into a closed deal with real money in his pocket.  What Joe realized was that he needed help.  He discovered that what he was missing was step by step, hand holding support and guidance from people who were successfully closing deals day in and day out.  Joe was a go-getter and a hard worker, he just needed exact instructions on what to do and when to do it.  That’s when Joe decided to join our program.

After closing on his first deal, one of our coaches called Joe to congratulate him but the noise level in the background was so loud, the coach couldn’t hear Joe. It turned out, Joe’s wife was in the background yelling and screaming for joy over what had just happened. She had patiently waited for Joe’s real estate aspirations to turn into real money and finally, with this program, Joe was able to make it happen. To celebrate, they took the first flight they could out of cold and snowy Chicago and landed in the tropical paradise of Cabo, Mexico.

Since this first deal, Joe has gone on to close several more deals and has become a real estate money making machine and is loving every minute of it.