Business Coach Image“Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

– Albert Einstein

Hiring a business coach can be one of the single most important steps that a business owner can take in order to maintain and grow their business. Business owner coaching is similar to, yet differs from, executive coaching. Both disciplines require achieving measurable results, recruiting and developing talent, building teams, and securing extraordinary results.

But a business owners primary objective should be to develop the talent and systems necessary to create an ongoing concern that runs profitably without him or her being present, while executive coaching focuses on enhancing the talent that must be ever present during ongoing operations. The true effectiveness of a business owner can be measured by how well the business runs in his or her absence, and at BMC, we strive to ensure that our business clients create teams of leaders rather than followers.

Regardless of the complexity of an operation, owners should run their business as simply as possible with efficient processes and with a mind that is open to innovation. However, many business owners are often be insulated from constructive criticism. Additionally, they can often find themselves without the benefit of an unbiased and confidential sounding board.

A business coach has your best interest in mind at all times; their sole loyalty is to you and your success. Therefore, they are there to listen to you in confidence and can respond without emotion to important issues which affect your life and your enterprise.

Businesses need consultants, and business owners need coaches. There are several key differences between business coaches and consultants. Generally, consulting is a more technical and lengthy process than coaching.

Consulting often involves diagnosing industry specific concerns, conducting analyses, forensic accounting, and solving specialized process-related problems on behalf of a client. Most business consultants do not provide an owner business coaching as part of their engagement, anymore than a cardiac surgeon would perform ongoing post operative stress relief counseling to a heart surgery patient.

Helping the business owner to achieve and maintain a positive mental state is the goal of a business owner coach. It is the role of a business coach to ask questions, to learn, and to listen to the business owner in one-on-one sessions in order to understand and then communicate information to their client on how to effect positive change.

Business Coaches listen. They get to know the client and their unique situation and then they ask powerful questions, make suggestions and observations, and when appropriate, provide tools, and lead the client towards a successful course of action and improvement.

A business coaches will help you…

  • Sharpen your skills as a boss and mentor
  • Develop and attain your professional and personal goals
  • Better manage your business and achieve better results
  • Work less hours while maintaining and growing the operation
  • Better handle conflict and become a better leader
  • By providing coaching on all aspects of your business

Think about it like this: You are the captain of your ship and all roads lead back to you. Every improvement made in your personal and professional life will have an immediate and profound effect on your entire operation. A business coach will help you overcome any personal or corporate obstacle that could hinder your growth and ultimate success.

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