Real Estate

“More millionaires have been created in real estate than in every other industry combined”

In this rapidly changing world, everyone has their own unique definition of “success”. At Business Mentor Coaching, our first order of business is to determine what true “Success” means to you. Then, we work hand in hand to develop a clear action plan on how to turn your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality.

For highly driven individuals, success means making millions of dollars per year. For others, making six-figures per year is perfectly acceptable. And for an ever growing number of people, the proper balance of a highly paid career that allows free time for family, travel, and the pursuit of life’s dreams is becoming the ultimate measure of success.

Simply put, BMC helps you determine what it is you want out of life, how much time you have available for making money, and then we offer the best real estate training and coaching available so that you can achieve your goals in a fraction of the time it would take to do it on your own. BMC has coached on thousands of real estate transactions and has been involved in training thousands of successful real estate professionals in almost every state in the country through our proprietary training and unique set of offerings.

Business Mentor Coaching offers a variety of services to meet your unique needs and goals

  • On-Site Personal Mentoring (yes, we will travel to your home town for extensive onsite training, systems review and success blueprint implementation)
  • Live Training at Our Mentoring Events
  • One on One Private Teleconference Coaching Services
  • Group Teleconference Mentoring
  • Email and Instant Message Support
  • Technology Based Learning utilizing ePartner®, a state of the art self learning and turnkey business management and growth solution
  • Self-study “real world” fast implementation guides provided in audio, video and written format

We only hire proven real estate professionals that are active in their own business. This is how we stay cutting edge and it is why we always lead the pack. There is an old adage that states, “Those who can’t do, teach.” We believe that there is a certain amount of truth to that theory, and therefore we comprise our team of trainers and mentors with individuals who practice what they preach – daily. This concept is simple really. Yet, it is rarely followed in the field of real estate mentoring.

Every successful real estate investor and agent knows that the primary key to their success was that they had a coach or mentor that had already done what it is that they wanted to do. So while it is true that every market and individual has nuances that must always be taken into account, it is equally true that every village does not have to reinvent the wheel. We let you learn from our experience. We teach you the cutting edge techniques that give you the ultimate edge. We also teach you the hard lessons that had to be learned, so that you don’t have to learn those at your own expense. The BMC team works with you as your trusted resource, your friend, and an ally that powers you through every phase, challenge and opportunity in the amazing business of real estate.

BMC’s real estate mentoring and coaching covers every critical area of your professional life, from the basics of income goal setting and accountability, to the most complex techniques and strategies being employed in today’s rapidly evolving market. Our full time staff has been recognized time and again as the very best that this industry has to offer. Every member of our staff is actively involved in real estate. Our customers are served by a team of successful real estate investors and top producer who have a passion for teaching and helping others achieve their life dreams by employing comprehensive, time-tested, proven techniques that generate massive success with the greatest of efficiency. At BMC, we truly do care about our clients professional and personal success.

So whether you’re a market leading top producer, a new investor, or a brand new agent, our mentoring and coaching program can help you generate a larger degree of success (and with less effort) than you ever dreamed possible.

Unlike other programs that often provide out of date books or tapes, infrequent communication, one-man-shows, or untrained phone bank operators who know less about real estate than you do, the BMC team provides you with active, experienced, “in-the-business” professionals who each have a proven track record of personal success including frequent and recent closings, high volume and massive profitability.

We have found no other real estate coaching and mentoring company in the country that provides the depth of knowledge, technology, and extensive menu of training options offered by BMC Corporate. And remember, if you should find a better program than ours, at any price, then you can have ours for free.

Take this moment to contact us to find out what BMC’s real estate coaching and mentoring can do for you. This one click could change your financial life forever.