Written Testimonials

Every Real Estate Investor Guru says that he has THE system. I have heard it a zillion times. But when you guys said it you really meant it!  What I have experienced with your group is that in the coaching calls, the coaches themselves are better than “excellent”; they are “outstanding”.  They take the time to answer each question for each new or seasoned student completely with up to date information. Even greater is that the coaches are doing deals daily and sharing up to the minute information which is so critical for the volatile Real Estate market that we are in. The accessibility to you and all the coaches with the instant messaging system is another awesome plus. It is not just one coach here but a team of you guys.

What is so unique to me is that all of the students (like me) and the coaches are on the same page when they are working on deal specific questions. The files are open to them as well as us and they can see and comment on every step of the process instantly, making notes at they go along. It’s like having built in assistants. Now that really works for my business, since I work alone.

For the first time I feel in control of the deal instead of the control being in the hands of the Realtor or the Lender.  The step by step process and the accountability that the system produces, has put me in a place of discipline that I have not experienced before in this business. I have now committed to it, and that is a first for me. 

Boy, when I signed up with you, I really thought I knew alot about buying and selling Real Estate. But you know what I’ve learned? “You never realize how little you knew, until you find out how much you never learned.”

Thanks for delivering more than you promised,

 — Anthos Jordan, Miami, FL

Not only am I sitting in Jamaica as we speak, I was here for 3 weeks in December as well. When I came down in December it was my intention to just vacation for a few weeks and get back to the states to work.  Well, that didn’t work out for me… I fell in love with the country and in December I figured out how to run my business from Jamaica and went house hunting. When I came back this month I was able to purchase a modest one bedroom home on the side of a cliff with a sea view. Yes, I’m suffering down here… HAHA  The point I want to make to everyone is this.  GO … ANYTHING is possible with this business. You can have as little or as much as you want.  Maybe moving out of the country is not your cup of tea, but what is your dream and what are your goals???  GO FOR IT!!!! Soon I will send pics of my new vacation home!!! Thanks coaching team and your program, couldn’t of done it without you!!!!!   

— Stefanie Ornelas, Jacksonville, FL (Now Jamaica)

Anyone can follow step by step instructions but where your coaching has been so valuable to us is when we start veering off in the wrong direction.  You pull us back in and tell us what we are supposed to be doing.  You can’t get that from a book.  It takes a person.  We really, really appreciate everything you are doing for us.                                                  

— Roxanne Schnell, Davenport, Iowa

Once again fantastic job on the call(s) today and this week!  You keep me so motivated and whenever I get off a call even if I don’t have a question I know I can make this work.  Sometimes I get frustrated and start thinking too much but you stay so positive and upbeat, and I know you guys are there to help us with anything that might come up.  I’m not sure if you need to hear this or maybe other students tell you all the time, but keep it up you guys are doing such a good job I can’t thank you enough.

 — TJ Vitense, Milwaukee, WI

I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing and what you’ve taught me.  This is hands down the most profitable investing I’ve ever done.  I’ve made more in the past six months than I did in all other kinds of investing over the past 5 years combined!   Thanks again.” 

— Brian Busch, Dallas, TX

Your program is terrific! I really like all the detailed instruction it really works!

– Tim Walsh, Boulder, CO

“I worked with many other programs.  It wasn’t until being a part of this program that I finally hit a breakthrough.  My first deal profited $14,765.  What a difference this has made in my life.”                                                                                                

Lorena Tankersley, Lakewood, CO

“I just closed my first deal using this program. I made a profit of $9,678 without using any of my own cash or my own credit.  Best of all, since I work full time, I was able to make this money without the normal hassles and risks of most real estate transactions.  If you are looking to get into real estate, go with this program.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to make money in real estate, even if you are doing it on a part time basis, like me.” 

— Cristina Thelemaque, Chicago, IL

“Wow!  I just profited just over $18,000 on my first deal using this program.  I’m so happy this program was put together.  I am a full time computer programmer so real estate was new to me.  But the resource materials and coaches made it so easy to understand.  The deal closed just like the coaches said it would.  I can’t wait to do another one.  Thanks so much!” 

Annie Leong, Nashville, TN

“This is the most POWERFUL program and support team on planet Earth, geared to the SUCCESS of the students. Anyone can be successful both in business and in life by using and applying the principals that are taught in the program. All I can say is THANK YOU!”

— Robert Hunt, Temecula, CA

“Best kept secret around. Glad we found you.”

— Rick Varner, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Kudos to you. I find that your mentorship, your group, and your set-up is better than any of the other mentoring programs I’ve been a part of. I’ve been in two other large ones including James Smith and Donald Trump. I LOVE being a part of your group and doing the business the way you do!!! So thanks so much.”

— Tom Pina, Colorado Springs, CO

“I also wanted to tell you how wonderful your coaches are. I cannot say enough good things about them.  Keep up your fantastic program! I, too, see myself closing a minimum of 5 deals (maybe 7) in the next few months! Thanks again.”

— Tim Walsh, Denver, CO