Audio Testimonials

Dave Rozansky Success Interview

Notes: $100,000 in one year with the program.  This is an interview with Dave and his experiences over the past year and how much this has changed his life.

Michele Ashton Success Interview

Notes: $80,000+ on 6 closed deals in 4 months, this success interview talks about how to close tons of deals in today’s market with this interview with one of our more successful students.

Thomas Dault Success Interview

Notes: $50,000 on 4 closed deals in a few months, this student is active military and shares his struggles in the beginning to find balance but never gave up and found a way to win despite his demanding military responsibilities.

Annie Leong Success Interview

Notes: Instant Results audio testimonial.  In the first week and a half with the program, she already has 2 deals.  Plus, she is Vietnamese so her accent is far eastern.

Jennifer Brightway Audio Testimonial

Notes:  “This is so much better than any other training I’ve ever been a part of, so much contact and so much in way of specific details…”

Marvin Dennis Audio Testimonial

Notes: “I love the way you guys do this…” praise of our coaching.

Roxanne Schnell Audio Testimonial

Notes: “You can’t get this from reading a book…” praise for mentoring and coaching over just having a great system.