Vanilla Ice All in One Real Estate Investing SuperCourse

The Vanilla Ice All in One Real Estate Investing SuperCourse integrates every major real estate investing strategy into one, easy to follow, step by step formula so you can put money in your pocket right now AND create long term financial security. Decades of real estate success have been poured in this easy to use program designed to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. This is the ONLY course material you’ll ever need to reach your financial goals with real estate.

In this system, you’ll discover how to master:

  • Wholesales
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Foreclosures / REOs
  • Subject Tos
  • Lease Options
  • Owner Financing
  • Rehabs
  • Long Term Holds
  • Property Management
  • Notes
  • And so much more…

This All in One SuperCourse is comprised of numerous different parts in order to provide you with a complete real estate education. The following describes what is included in this life transforming system.

800 Page Mega Manuals

Everyone needs a reference point that they can refer back to as their rock solid base for knowledge. For real estate, that foundation is build on this 800 page manual that explains everything you need to know about how to make money with real estate. There has never been a more complete text on the subject of real estate investing until now. You’ll have in your hands, a program that reveals everything you’d ever want to know about mastering real estate, in a very easy to read, simple to follow format. Now, you won’t ever feel like you are missing the information to reach the goals you have set for yourself. No need to invest in other trainings. These 800 pages have it all! It covers the entire spectrum of real estate investing, from A to z.

Here’s what is inside the manuals:

  • Chapter 1 – Real Estate Investing Fundamentals: The ultimate real estate investing formula, real estate investing 101 and advanced real estate investing strategies.
  • Chapter 2 – Generating Leads: 15 different ways to generate unlimited leads on autopilot
  • Chapter 3 – Qualifying Leads: How to talk to sellers and how to separate the money makers from the time wasters.
  • Chapter 4 – Getting Deals Under Contract: How to write risk free offers so that you have all the upside with none of the downside.
  • Chapter 5 – Deal Evaluation: How to choose the best deal strategy, evaluate the probability that the deal will close and the profitability so that you maximize your efforts.
  • Chapter 6 – Deal Negotiation: How to get the best deal when working short sale and foreclosure deals.
  • Chapter 7 – Exit Strategies: Knowing which exit strategy will make you the most money the fastest, how to find buyers and tenants on autopilot and how to lock in your buyer or tenant with the right contracts.
  • Chapter 8 – Funding the Deal: The many different funding sources you have available to you and which funding source to use for which deals.
  • Chapter 9 – Closing the Deal: How to make sure the deal closes and you get paid!
  • Chapter 10 – Putting It All Together: How to automate the process so that you can build an empire.

There has never been a more thorough all around real estate investing course ever assembled. With this system, you can make the most of your real estate investing endeavors.

The 12 Most Powerful Real Estate Lessons

In order to get you up and running as fast as possible, you’ll get access to a series of core audio trainings which provide the foundation for how to be successful in real estate. From how to find the deals, to how to evaluate them, how to get them under contract with a risk free offer, how to determine the best exit strategy, how to close the deal, how to build your team, examples of live seller calls and so much more. You’ll want to listen to these audio trainings over and over so you can soak up this life transforming information. These are the lessons that will form the foundation for your multi-million dollar real estate empire.

Here’s what’s inside the audio trainings:

  • Lesson 1 – The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Investors
  • Lesson 2 – How to Find the Best Deals
  • Lesson 3 – How to Talk to Seller
  • Lesson 4 – Live Calls with Sellers
  • Lesson 5 – Making Risk Free Offers
  • Lesson 6 – Evaluating Deals Quickly and Easily
  • Lesson 7 – Secrets to Short Sales and Foreclosures
  • Lesson 8 – Employing the Best Exit Strategies
  • Lesson 9 – Getting Your Deals Funded
  • Lesson 10 – Closing Deals Like a Pro
  • Lesson 11 – Building Your Dream Team
  • Lesson 12 – Working with Agents

90 Day Success Blueprint

You’ll get an easy-to-follow step by step plan to reaching your financial goals with this 90 Day Success Blueprint. Each week, you will have a track to run on so that you will know exactly what to do first, second, third and so on. Although this 90 Day Blueprint was designed for the part time investor, if you want to skip ahead or slow down, you can, because this step by step guide was designed so that you can go at your own pace. This is the same blueprint that many before you have used to become financially free real estate investors. This is the step by step guide you’ve always wanted. It’s your proven path to success.

Forms Library

These are the forms and contracts we use to close deals in today’s market. Years of testing and tweeking along with enormous attorney expenses have crafted these forms into the finest template real estate contracts available.

Here’s what’s inside the forms library:

  • Risk Free Offer Contract – When you have the right contingencies in your contract, you can make unlimited offers without worry. This allows you to make more offers with less stress which ultimately makes you more money.
  • Memorandum of Agreement – This form is mandatory for all savvy real estate entrepreneurs because it protects your interests in every deal you get under contract. Most investors don’t even know what this form is but those in the know use it on every deal.
  • “Locked In Buyer” Contract – This powerful contract is ideal when selling a property because it gives you considerable flexibility while locking in the buyer.
  • Closing HUD1 Settlement Statement Creator – Know the closing costs before you make the offer. This form is what closing companies use to estimate closing costs. Now you have that power too!
  • BPO Creator – This proprietary form puts you in charge of short sale and foreclosure negotiations and is something the banks definitely wish you didn’t have!
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity – After a closing, most people think everything is over. But little do they know that the participants can come back years later if they find a loophole! This essential form waives those rights and protects your future. Don’t close a deal without this form.
  • And much, much more!

Plus, these template forms and contracts are in the most universal formats, Microsoft Word and Excel, so that you can customize them to fit your needs quickly and easily.

Quick Start Video Series

This video series was designed to get you up and running quickly and easily. These videos accompany the Success Blueprint and Core Training Series to provide an all around fast start to becoming financially free. Be rest assured you’re going to know what to do and when to do it so that you won’t waste of moment of time and ultimately, reach your goals as fast as possible.

BONUS Quantum Success Pack

This system would not be complete without a program designed to help you remove obstacles, take action and explode your success. This bonus quantum success pack was designed to help you take control of your life, your time and your efforts to produce maximum results with minimal time. Even with all of the greatest real estate information in the world, which you’ll be getting in this system, if you don’t take action, you still won’t reach you financial dreams. Knowledge is only potential power. It’s not until you put that knowledge into action that it becomes true power. This is your personal power system to help you break down barriers and reach your full potential.

Here’s what’s inside the quantum success pack:

  • Power Strategy 1 – The Power of Consistency
  • Power Strategy 2 – The Secret to Life Long Learning
  • Power Strategy 3 – Redefining Success
  • Power Strategy 4 – The Power of Patience
  • Power Strategy 5 – Its Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish
  • Power Strategy 6 – The Right Attitude
  • Power Strategy 7 – Mastering Procrastination
  • Power Strategy 8 – How to Completely Avoid Overwhelm
  • Power Strategy 9 – Effective Goal Setting Strategies
  • Power Strategy 10 – Definiteness of Purpose
  • Power Strategy 11 – Focusing on the Majors in Life
  • Power Strategy 12 – Effective Time Management
  • Power Strategy 13 – How to be More Productive
  • Power Strategy 14 – Taking Advice from Other People
  • Power Strategy 15 – The Freedom of Following a System
  • Power Strategy 16 – The Biggest Business Killer
  • Power Strategy 17 – Secret to Lasting Business Success
  • And much, much more!

Virtual Investing System


The Vanilla Ice Real Estate ePartner® Virtual Investing System is the most powerful real estate deal making automation software available. This system turns the previous difficult and confusing work of doing real estate into something as simple as pushing a button. ePartner® helps you locate your deals, market your properties, analyze your profits, and most importantly, get you paid!

This is the perfect tool from someone looking too…

  • Make Quick Cash
  • Close More Deals
  • Have More Free Time
  • Take Their Business to the Next Level

This online software system was developed to help real estate investors make more money, faster and easier than every before. Some of the most successful real estate power players use this tool everyday to save time and close more deals.

The ePartner® Virtual Investing System includes:

  • Motivated Seller and Hungry Buyer Lead Magnet Websites
  • Virtual Real Estate Business
  • Greatest Foreclosure and Short Sale Tool Ever Assembled
  • Deal Analyzer
  • Knowledge Center
  • Vender Network
  • Quick Cash Deal Maker Module
  • Phone & Live Chat Support
  • And so much more…


Motivated Seller and Hungry Buyer Lead Magnet Websites

Every business should have a professional website. The most successful businesses turn their websites into lead generating machines. Now, you can have incredibly powerful lead machines instantly. These websites have been optimized for maximum conversion and contain the exact layout and copy to make you look like a very successful real estate entrepreneur, even if you are first starting out. Welcome to the future of real estate investing and you’re on the cutting edge with this technology!

Your Motivated Seller Lead Magnet Website includes:

  • Lead Capture Forms – Your website will have forms for visitors to complete so that you capture their information and can convert them to a deal right away!
  • Instant Alerts – When a new lead comes in, these websites send you an immediate text and email “Deal Alert” so that you can follow up with the prospect immediately and beat your competition to the deal! Plus, you can gain instant credibility with prospects when they see your professional website and your rapid response time.
  • Quick and Easy Set Up – No tech experience needed! Your website can be up and running in a few short minutes. It’s never been easier to have your own real estate business website.
  • ePartner Virtual Office Integration – New leads go directly into your ePartner Virtual Office so your business is automatically organized for you. Plus, the deals you are looking to sell can showup on the Buyer website with a click of the mouse!
  • Bonus: Search Engine Domination – You’ll get a proprietary “Search Engine Domination Technique” which can put your website at the top of search engines which can put your lead generation on autopilot. Get deals while you sleep!

Virtual Real Estate Business

You can now have the organization and professionalism of a Fortune 500 company along with the speed and agility of finely tuned small business. This is what the “big players” use to build multi-million dollar real estate empires. All details regarding your deals, including complete information on every property, seller, buyer, tenant, lender, agent, vendor, etc, as well as every contract and crucial document is available to you from any computer anywhere in the world at all times (including directly from your smart phone). This unprecedented accessibility provides you with the ultimate in efficiency and success while also allowing you to literally run your business from anywhere at any time.

Here’s what is inside the manuals:

  • New Lead Module – A virtual script so that you never forget the 20 questions you must ask of every lead that calls in and a digital place to store the information.
  • Deal Analyzer – Your virtual mentor there for you on every deal that comes in. This will help you analyze in lightning like speed and razor sharp accuracy each deal that comes in.
  • Due Diligence Module – Guides you through what information you must verify along with a Profit Estimator so that you do not waste any time working on the wrong deals.
  • Deal Flow & Docs Module – An online checklist that guides you through every single step of the entire deal process as well as a place to store every document so that your entire file cabinet will be online and you can access your office from anywhere!
  • Deal Status Module – Organizes your deals using key pieces of information so that you can effectively prioritize your time and work on your most important deals first.
  • Cash Flow Module – Keeps track of every cent you spend and earn on a deal. It’s like having your own personal accounting software system.
  • Business Tracking Module – Allows you to monitor all deals in your pipeline, including buyers and sellers.
  • Deal Priority
  • Calendar
  • Notes Tab
  • Recently Viewed

The Greatest Foreclosure and Short Sale Tool Ever Assembled

This is the one tool banks definitely don’t want you to have! With the ePartner Lender Database, you now have direct access to the insider secrets banks use for short sales and foreclosures. The only one of its kind in the world that combines all of the information a real estate investor needs to close short sale and foreclosure deals quickly and easily. It has been called the greatest Short Sale and Foreclosure tool ever assembled.

Here’s what is inside the manuals:

  • Department Contact Information – Authorization, Payoff, Customer Service, Short Sale and Foreclosure (as well as many other) Departments’ phone, fax, email and hours of operation information. No more sitting on hold with these short cuts.
  • Personnel Direct Contact Information – Names, extensions and email addresses for Short Sale and Foreclosure representatives, negotiators, closers and managers. Now you have access to the decision makers like you’ve always wanted.
  • Offer Requirements – Short Sale and Foreclosure offer requirements and specific short sale packages for each major lender. Now you know what to send them along with your offer so that they process your offer fast.
  • Approval Guidelines – Negotiating and approval information on each lender including how their short sale process works, how they approve foreclosure offers and finally, what offer amounts they normally approve. Now you can know the price the bank will agree to before you make the offer!
  • Up-to-the-Minute Lender Blogs – Ever changing blogs for each lender which reveal hidden secrets and tactics for getting banks to “Yes!” to your short sale and foreclosure offers.

This is an organically growing tool that is constantly being updated by our students and coaches across the county so that the entire community of users benefits from the knowledge gained by others. It gets more and more powerful each and every day! No one else has a tool like this that combines the most important information short sale and/or foreclosure investors need to quickly and easily negotiating great deals with banks.

Vendor Network

Now you can leverage our relationships and resources to build your real estate empire faster and easier than ever before. We have compiled the best vendors across the country whose services help investors succeed and using our 900lb gorilla-type status, we have negotiated great rates on your behalf. This is our million dollar rolodex opened up just for you. You’ll get access to all of our key relationships and resources saving you the time, energy and expense of having to build these contacts the long and hard way. This is your shortcut to having your real estate dream team.

Quick Cash Deal Maker

Submit your deals to our network of investors and get a birddog fee!